Craft Beer, Wine and Liquor at State Minimum Prices. We specialize in Michigan-made beer, wine, and spirits.

General Information - Established in 1945

Beer Baron started out as Country Style Market on 8 Mile way back in the 40's, just west of Middlebelt. It was originally a local meat market. It was purchased in the late 60's by it's current owners.

Country Style slowly changed from a meat market to more of a general/convenience store over the years.

Around the year 2000, Country Style Market moved to it's current location at 19610 Middlebelt in Livonia. It had operated under that name until 2008.

Beer Baron is continuing Country Style's convenience and great service.

The idea behind Beer Baron is to provide a place where Metro Detroiters and Livonians can get any beer available. We figured there were enough wine shoppes and cigar stores, but not much for the beer connoisseur.

"We are a Beer Store with wine and liquor, not a wine store with beer"

Darren is the resident beer geek at Beer Baron. He's your go-to guy to find out what's good and what's great. He'll help pick out the perfect brew for you, have him pick out a few bottles in your custom six pack and you'll probably have a new favorite beer.

Darren is also the guy who'll go out of his way to find you that one great beer you had that one time... If the beer is available in Michigan, he'll get it for you.

Parking: Parking Lot
Email: contact at beerbaronlivonia.com

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